40% Build

Website Building Process

Experience has shown that when building a custom website for a client, it is best to do it in steps.

A builder friend of mine told me that it takes approximately 40% of the time and resources to lay the foundation, put up the frame, and 2x4s to divide up the interior to separate rooms and such. Its not pretty at that point and none of the finishing work is done, but the buyer can walk through and get a feel for the space, the window placement, the hall widths, the doors and cabinet layout. Changes at this point are relatively easy; ie, move a door down 3 feet, make a window larger. Once the drywall is up, the windows framed, the molding and painting done, changes can involve major expense and project delays.

The same is true in building a custom website.

I may not have the right images, or correctly sized images, colors, links, or exact text that are wanted on the website, so I may be “filling in”. The idea is to have enough to get a feel for what it will look like. We may want to try different colors, picture sizes,/placement and module configurations. All easy to do at the “40%” stage. We can even bring in other people at this stage to get more eyes on it. When we are satisfied then I’ll work on making it smooth and elegant, with quality images and colors that work together.


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