The stage lights came up on the Sneads Ferry Community Theatre’s first production, Nuptials, in March of 2002. Nourished by an incredible pool of local talent, lovingly tended by a growing community of dedicated volunteers and led by organizing director, Julia Eller, that tiny seedling has sprouted into a robust outlet for the performing arts. At the end of 2008, seventeen stage plays, seven Readers Theatres and several special productions had entertained crowds and provided a venue for actors, directors, and behind-the-scenes personnel to express their creative talents. Through cooperation with the Sneads Ferry Community Council, the theatre is able to fulfill its mission to entertain and enrich our community by providing quality theatre.

Mission Statement

The Sneads Ferry Community Theatre is dedicated to providing theatre that entertains and enriches our community.

Vision Statement

Sneads Ferry Community Theatre is a sustainable organization that achieves state of the art productions through educational opportunities, maximum volunteer participation and is a magnet for community involvement and identity.

2006 Community Theatre Award

SFCT is the winner of the 2006 Community Theatre Award given by the North

Carolina Theatre Conference.


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