SFCT Production – Last Of the Red Hot Lovers

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Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

Director: Jennifer Meier

John Pratt
Tania Gonzalez
Jennifer Hester

“Mr. Simon has created a great character here…it is extraordinarily funny and yet also charming…as witty as ever, perhaps wittier.” – The New York Times

“Delightfully hilarious and witty, as well as filled with wisdom about human nature…an uproariously funny author. But he is far more than that. He has a mellow and compassionate understanding of how weak and essentially well meaning mankind behaves…a genuinely brilliant play.” – New York Post

The Story:

Neil Simon’s “Last of the Red Hot Lovers” is about a middle-aged restaurant manager (Barney Cashman) who has a nice marriage, but he wants to live before he dies.  This play is set in 1969. If you’ll remember, it was a time of free love and expression. Middle-aged and married, overworked and overweight, Barney Cashman wants to join the sexual revolution before it’s too late. Barney wanted women in the worst way and that’s just how he got them!


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